Plush Bankets

Decor matters in my life because I decorate to unwind and relax. I love to come into a room that I have designed and decorated to relax, or feel stimulated if that is how it was designed. I decorated my bedroom to be a retreat, with calming colors and modern plush blankets that I could sink into when I come into my room after a busy day.


I planned my daughter’s rooms for months and added soft pinks and inspirational quotes in my daughter’s rooms because it makes them happy and it helps them to feel safe and at home in their rooms that they helped me design and plan. We picked gold butterflies and pink and white flowers for my oldest daughters room because she loves the beauty and curiosity of butterflies. It will inspire her as she grows and it keeps her mind dreaming. She loves her room because she helped to decorate it, and that makes it special to her. We have a special room in the basement that I decorated for my husband to display all of his military achievements, plaques, and flags.


When he goes into this room it reminds him of some of the best days of his life and some of his most proud moments. We set the mood in this rooms to help us feel comfortable and enjoy the time spent in each room. I love to play with patterns and different hues of color to make each space warm and inviting but also cozy. After a busy day, nothing helps me feel calmer than sinking into my couch and letting my feet feel the soft, warm rug that I chose for the living room. Decorating is a way to get away from the world and to let my mind flow as it wants.