Windsor Swag

Personally, my family and I struggle with home decor in our Windsor chairs. We haven’t done very well decorating our home during holidays or any day for that matter. But in 2012 my older brother was diagnosed with brain cancer. It was a hard time for our family and, honestly, how our home looked was the last thing on my mind. Around this time, my older brother, Josh, was contacted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation that grants children with a terminal illness a “wish” of any kind. My siblings and I all chimed in on what our older brother should wish for, but he seemed to already have his mind made up. We didn’t hear about the wish for several months, but as Christmas drew closer, we began to notice small services from a “secret Santa.” We received tickets to attend a dinner and a show after a horse drew sled ride and many other surprises. It was amazing! But the greatest surprise of all was when we awoke one morning and found that someone had decorated our entire home with Christmas lights! We couldn’t wait for night time in order to see our house light up for the first time. There was something about those lights that seemed to bring us hope as a family. Our brother had used his wish to be our secret Santa that Christmas, and it was the best Christmas ever. This is just a small example of how home decor can affect us so much and even help us get through a hard time.

Celtic Decor Ideas

It’s 2015, I am 16 years old and my parents have just divorced. I move into a new home with my mother an hour away from my childhood home and my room is bare. Everything feels cold and incomplete. My mother tells me to make the place my own. I do. It’s amazing how pictures and decorations can make a house a home. When walls are no longer bare and the floors are no longer cold. We see our home start to form. We place faux rugs that make my feet feel like heaven. We put family pictures on our walls, even ones with my father. I hang Twilight posters because they give me comfort and I paint the walls the signs that say things like “wild and free” with all of my Celtic decor.


Décor mattered in my life because it was a time where I was lost and confused. I had no control over anything and in a new place the only thing I did have control over was making myself comfortable and that meant making my house feel like a home. A home to me meant pictures and decorations and as silly as it may sound it helped me get through the roughest stage of my life. Being able to take myself out of my current situation and throw myself into decorating the house made me forget the divorce with my parents, something I did not truly understand. It was something as small as pictures on the wall that healed me. Décor helped me find my style and my way. I didn’t understand why my parents were separating but I did understand what colors I wanted on my wall and in my mind that was much better than consuming my thoughts with my parents. It’s amazing that the things that you don’t believe matter in life such as décor can really be the things that help you grow as a person.

Why You Should Add a Rug To Your Decor



Considering giving your living space a face-lift? One of the easiest and most dramatic design changes you can make is investing in a new rug. Rugs can effectively set the tone for the room and make an aesthetic statement that can compliment your artwork and furnishings. This is especially true with Western-inspired design. Investing in a Southwestern style rug can easily add a touch of elegance and warmth to the room.

Rugs, especially the intricate style of southwest area rugs, can easily become a focal point for a living room or bedroom, anchoring the different pieces of furniture and the color palettes of your artwork. When you think of anchoring elements in a living space, you often think of large canvases or a statement piece of furniture, rugs are usually overlooked. However, the right rug can really tie the whole room together, and, in the right style and color, can serve as a powerful statement piece. Southwestern style rugs are the perfect type of rug to draw a visitor’s eye; their colorful geometric pattern elevates the sophistication of your home.

When considering a Southwestern style rug for your home, there are two types: traditional hand-woven Native American rugs and modern Southwestern styled rugs. Traditional Native American Southwestern style rugs have been made by the Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni tribes and today their bold, earthy, and intricate designs have inspired modern Southwestern aesthetics. They are also available from popular brands such as American Dakota.  Southwestern style rugs feature block and line prints, mesas, and other geometric patterns that evoke the nouveau traditional of Western decor. The range of colors of Southwestern style rugs make them a perfect accompaniment to any home. The rich, earthy hues of Southwestern style rugs often come in turquoise blue, black, and red but are also available in neutrals, creams, and roses.

Southwestern style rugs can come in area rug sizes large enough for an entire living room or bedroom but are also available in smaller accent sizes. This versatility of size is a perfect if you want to try adding a small flair of Southwestern decor to your home before investing in a larger and more expensive rug. If your living space centers around a Western themed decor, a Southwestern style rug is a crucial design element to truly make your living space feel like home. With countless color combinations and endless variations of geometric block patterns, Southwestern style rugs are a truly timeless statement piece that you will cherish for years to come.

Why Home Decor Matters To Me

home decor

Decor matters in my life because it helps me to stay in tune with the environment around me. Decor also helps me to be involved in my emotions, creativity and sense of self. Decor helps to calm the senses and gives the ability to have space. Decor brings color and happiness into not only my life but to others who view it. When one handles decor, they are expressing a form of themselves, in regards to their likes and dislikes. Decor helps one to be creative and come up with new possibilities that no one has thought of before, with out new possibilities everything would be plain.

Even in ancient times decor was used to express family background, upbringing and the latest  high end style. Without these different colors, styles and expressions one would not be able to convey uniqueness or even stories. Decor matters so much because it even changes what one feels within a room in regards to different types of energy, or even size.

In today’s time, decor is a way of fashion and staying ahead of the trends. In this way decor still has a major impact on helping one be unique and express creativity. Again, ultimately, decor helps one stay true to themselves.

Decor can also serve an homage, for when things are made with love from family members it means so much more.  One can show what certain things mean to them and express their love for another through decor. One can even turn an old treasure into something new or find a new use for it.

Home decor is always a great way to shop responsibly. I try to make sure that as many products as possible that I buy are made in the US.

Decor can help keep one not only original but organized as well. Decor allows a place for everything and for everything to be in its place. One can make shelves, use baskets and find ways to cleverly stack things all because of decor.

Decor can also warm up a room both figuratively and literally.

Just as decor can either portray a room larger or smaller, its actual impact on the world has been large and meaningful.