Celtic Decor Ideas

It’s 2015, I am 16 years old and my parents have just divorced. I move into a new home with my mother an hour away from my childhood home and my room is bare. Everything feels cold and incomplete. My mother tells me to make the place my own. I do. It’s amazing how pictures and decorations can make a house a home. When walls are no longer bare and the floors are no longer cold. We see our home start to form. We place faux rugs that make my feet feel like heaven. We put family pictures on our walls, even ones with my father. I hang Twilight posters because they give me comfort and I paint the walls the signs that say things like “wild and free” with all of my Celtic decor.


Décor mattered in my life because it was a time where I was lost and confused. I had no control over anything and in a new place the only thing I did have control over was making myself comfortable and that meant making my house feel like a home. A home to me meant pictures and decorations and as silly as it may sound it helped me get through the roughest stage of my life. Being able to take myself out of my current situation and throw myself into decorating the house made me forget the divorce with my parents, something I did not truly understand. It was something as small as pictures on the wall that healed me. Décor helped me find my style and my way. I didn’t understand why my parents were separating but I did understand what colors I wanted on my wall and in my mind that was much better than consuming my thoughts with my parents. It’s amazing that the things that you don’t believe matter in life such as décor can really be the things that help you grow as a person.