Why Home Decor Matters To Me

home decor

Decor matters in my life because it helps me to stay in tune with the environment around me. Decor also helps me to be involved in my emotions, creativity and sense of self. Decor helps to calm the senses and gives the ability to have space. Decor brings color and happiness into not only my life but to others who view it. When one handles decor, they are expressing a form of themselves, in regards to their likes and dislikes. Decor helps one to be creative and come up with new possibilities that no one has thought of before, with out new possibilities everything would be plain.

Even in ancient times decor was used to express family background, upbringing and the latest  high end style. Without these different colors, styles and expressions one would not be able to convey uniqueness or even stories. Decor matters so much because it even changes what one feels within a room in regards to different types of energy, or even size.

In today’s time, decor is a way of fashion and staying ahead of the trends. In this way decor still has a major impact on helping one be unique and express creativity. Again, ultimately, decor helps one stay true to themselves.

Decor can also serve an homage, for when things are made with love from family members it means so much more.  One can show what certain things mean to them and express their love for another through decor. One can even turn an old treasure into something new or find a new use for it.

Home decor is always a great way to shop responsibly. I try to make sure that as many products as possible that I buy are made in the US.

Decor can help keep one not only original but organized as well. Decor allows a place for everything and for everything to be in its place. One can make shelves, use baskets and find ways to cleverly stack things all because of decor.

Decor can also warm up a room both figuratively and literally.

Just as decor can either portray a room larger or smaller, its actual impact on the world has been large and meaningful.